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If you are looking for a good BitTorrent client that is free and doesn't require any downloads, you should try Bandizip. It was made to provide a safe place for people to download music and movies from the internet. The website is one of the newest ones on the internet. You can find the website on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They are quite popular in the downloading world, but if you want something that is new you might want to go straight to the source.

There is a free application for you to download. It will keep track of where you have been downloading from and will send you notifications whenever you have new things to download. This is a very convenient way to find out what has been going on with your downloads. Bandizip also shows you when a new file is available. A great feature that I really like is that they show you how much bandwidth you have used. When you start to use more bandwidth, the website shows you how much it will cost you to continue using Bandizip.

This is an open source program. It's not like most free programs because the developers need to pay for advertising. You can download all the files for free but you cannot upload them because the server isn't fast enough to allow for uploading. They also offer a trial version so you can check it out before you buy it. It's an excellent download site if you are looking for something that will provide you with a lot of file sharing.

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